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A world without mirrors

A thought came to mind the other day after a full day of listening to emotional stories from my clients about their effected confidence due to their skin.

What if the only reflection we had was though glass or water?

In a changing world of beauty, women especially, are held to a high standard of perfection. This standard is false and unachievable due to falsehood.

We are not computer images

We are real people who have hormones, stress, genetics, accidents, and time against us. What if we all took a step back, put down the mirror, the camera's with the filters and and the images of altered perfection and just spent our time caring for our true selves and each others.

I understand wanting to take care of your skin and i understand that it is your cover page of introduction. Sure drink more water, use good products, eat healthy foods, exercise and and seek help for deep concerning issues but don't let it own you or rule your life.

You are special. You are on this earth for a reason and I promise you that is not to look good on social media. Put down the mirror and go make a difference in this incredible life experience we have been given!

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