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Have you ever booked a skin care appointment and instantly became nervous. Will I be judged? Will I be pressured? Can I afford this? Maybe they can't help me! I'm ugly. Im old.

Please leave all of these feelings and emotions at the door. We are here to truly help, not judge.

What you need and what you will get when walking into our clinic is relatability, sensitivity, and education. Skin can be an emotional part of life. We understand. We have dedicated our time to ongoing learning about skin and the healing process that needs to take place both physically and emotionally.

Whether its acne and scarring or sun spots and aging skin we can help! We understand and promise to make you feel as comfortable and understood as possible. We do what we do because we are passionate about our work, our clients and their happiness not only in the clinic but in life.

We want to change your life one skin cell at a time!

What we are up to?


“Amazing! Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, professional and is always available to give skin advice. Treatments are affordable and they work! I would highly recommend Saskatoon Skin Renewal if you are looking to improve your skin.” 


Shelley Bridgman

owner/medical aesthetician

Having two decades of experience in the cosmetic and health sector, Shelley has taken this time and opportunity to master the skin and its functions.

"Being a medical aesthetician has opened my eyes to the possibilities of skin renewal. There are so many options to treat most skin concerns that clients don't even know exist."

Shelley had a dream of starting a skincare business that would cater to it's patrons satisfaction, ensuring their happiness and boosting their confidence and self-esteem. A life changing space 

Saskatoon Skin Renewal was established in 2014 and has quickly grown into a successful skin care clinic with a client base from all over Canada.


We have won the consumer choice award for 2020 

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