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With two decades of experience in the cosmetic and health world Shelley Bridgman has taken this opportunity to master skin and its functions. Wether its acne or aging Shelley and her connections will use their knowledge to properly treat the concern.

Shelley had a dream of creating a skin care clinic that fights for your happiness and confidence. A business about the client not the price tag. Now open for 5 years, Saskatoon Skin Renewal has proven to be everything and more that she wanted to create for her clients needs.

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We've all walked into a skin care clinic and have felt judged by the young girl with the perfect skin.

What you need and what you will get when walking into our clinic is relatability, sensitivity and education. Skin can be an emotional part of life. We understand. We have dedicated our time to ongoing learning about skin and the healing process that needs to take place both physically and emotionally.

We want to change your life one skin cell at a time!

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